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PS said I was spitting stitches, phewww, had me worried. She then removes stitches that were sticking up like little spikes. Didn't feel a thing. She wants me to come back in six months to a year for pictures. I guess that means I'm... READ COMMENT

I'm enjoying the numbness cause when I go to put the lotion and arnica gel on it is like ice!! READ COMMENT

Oh you girls are doing it all wrong, I put on a pair of silky underwear and a silky string t and the compression garment slides on! READ COMMENT

Thought I was doing so good, 33 days PO and I have sprung a leak! My incision looks fine but I have been leaking for two days now. I go see my PS tomorrow I wasn't expecting this not this far out. READ COMMENT

I had mine on the sixth, is your tummy still numb? I had my tubes out yesterday, yahoo, so liberating but I still have a lot of numbness. I am 5'4" and 186. I lost 6lbs on the tummy and almost 3 on the BR. READ COMMENT