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Does Traditional Lipo Work Better on Areas with More Fat Compared to Smart Lipo?

I have more fat on the lower abdomen (about 1.5 inches thick) and my upper abdomen has very little fat which cannot be grabbed with hand. Is traditional lipo a better option if... READ MORE

Difference Between Breast Tissue and Fat Cells?

Lets consider a case of male with gynocamestia. I know you are only born with certain number of fat cells and if you liposuction them all, they are gone for ever. Only the... READ MORE

Relation Between Liposuction and Loose Skin?

My research on this site tells me that aggressive lipo or removing too much fat can cause irregularities and loose skin and in order to prevent that some fat has to be left... READ MORE

Quick Recovery After Liposuction with HGH?

I am getting a small area liposuctioned but i need to be back in the gym as soon as possible to prepare for the upcoming competition. My question is that if inject my self with... READ MORE

Do silicone cheek implants cause bone atrophy?

I am a male in late 20s and during a consult a facial plastic surgeon suggested me cheek Implant. I would like to know if it can cause lose of bone beneath in lest say 10 years... READ MORE

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You should be fine if you leave on the 30th. I am not sure if you have been under anesthesia before and last thing you want to do is throw up during your flight so i would not recommend that you leave on 29th. If you plan on having stop... READ COMMENT

I would say 350. I personally like the natural looking results but lot of people like the enhanced look so you are obviously the better judge for yourself. You already have breast tissue so 350 should be fine IMO. READ COMMENT

Ok than you. Thats a great advice. I also had the buccal fat removed so the inside of mouth is stiched and laughing is totally out of the question. I can not even open my mouth more than one third and on top of all this my doc put a... READ COMMENT

Ok thank you for quick response. I got cheek implant yesterday. My doc did not use screw either, just suture like yours and i got worried when i saw your post :) READ COMMENT