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Sculptra Results Were Great. New York, NY

When I looked into the mirror I noticed that my cheeks and temples were looking hollowed making me me look drawn and tired. I mentioned my concern to Dr. green and she recommended Sculptra. Dr.Green had done Botox on me so I completely trusted her, the Sculptra was amazing and the results were immediate. I looked natural and healthier READ MORE

Dr. Green is a Pro at Restylane - New York

I was feeling a little lack luster so I went to Dr. Green for Restylane. She explained to me that I would see immediate results, and I was not disappointed. I had never really paid attention to the "parentheses"on the sides of my mouth, but when they were gone I was shocked. Dr. Green asked me to come 30 minutes ahead of time to numb,and I waited in the very cozy comfortable office. The mood... READ MORE

Smooth Skin After Chemical Peel - Manhattan, NY

I went to Dr. Michele Green for a chemical peel after she did the best Botox I have ever gotten. The chemical peel was amazing! Dr. green cleaned my skin and then put on the peel, she explained the amount of stinging that would happen while her assistant used a fan to alleviate the "stinging". The entire process took about 15 minutes with no discomfort. She applied sun screen and I was good... READ MORE

Best Experience for Botox - New York, NY

I have been a patient of Dr. Greens for 4 years, and after having numerous peels and lasers that have all been super successful, i finally had my first appointmet for Botox. It was AMAZING.. It didn't hurt one bit. Dr. Green was very honest and when I walked out of the office, waited the time she said it would take to "kick In" The next week I looked rested, relaxed, and rejuvinated. My fears... READ MORE