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Vy Lip Tissue Rearrangement?

Is there such thing as a "vy" tissue rearrangement for the upper lip without external scars to add fullness. I am not a candidate for fillers or fat. READ MORE

Alar Base Reduction Techniques?

I have read several answers to posts regarding alar base reduction and would like to know if the cinching suture technique can obtain results of reducing the width of the base... READ MORE

How is a Soof Lift Different from a Midface Lift?

I am looking for a minimal invasive procedure to lift my fat pads back up over my cheekbones after some descent that has given me more prominent n/l folds and eye bags. Filler... READ MORE

Percuntaneous Sutureloop Cheeklift?

I had a percuntaneous sutureloop cheeklift a few weeks ago and am wondering if the issues do not resolve how long to wait for revision. The loop has created contour... READ MORE

Midface Suture Loop Lift Lip Numb?

I had a suture loop cheek lift 2.5 weeks ago. I bruised badly on the right side. As swelling is resolving I can animate normally for the most part but my lip is slightly numb... READ MORE

Which Muscle is Botox Injected into Correct Slightly Lopsided Smile?

I had a midface procedure that has given me some nerve injury, its been almost 3 weeks, I can smile wide and force movement but if I smile naturally my lips cover my teeth more... READ MORE

Buccal Branch Nerve Damage?

How does buccal branch nerve injury recover, if it gets better at 6-12 weeks does it completely resolve or does it just show improvement and then take more time to completely... READ MORE

Chronic Lone Pimple or Hair Folicle Gland IPL Treatment?

I have a small sweatgland or hair folicle pimple that will not go away, it has been there for years, I had a Dr drain it, and it keeps filling up with pus, what can I do to... READ MORE

Is It Possible for the Zygomatic Nerve Branch Was Injured in Midface Lift?

I am 6 weeks from midface lift suture suspension that has been removed, leaving me with a sagging right cheek (more than before procedure) and upper lip droop on the right... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Inject Botox in Nerve Injured Side of Face While Its Regenerating?

Consulted with a dermatologist very good advanced techniques with botox, for injured nerve buccal/zygomatic branch causing weakness in my zygomatic major muscle giving some... READ MORE

Bald Spot from Mid Facelift Inciscion in Temple?

My temporal incision is about 4-5 weeks old from complications and removal of looplift its healing okay, it's red but has alot of hairloss around it not just where the scar is.... READ MORE

Cellulaze in the Face?

I have been offered cellulaze to break down scar tissue/ fat transfer beside my mouth in marrionette line that has caused irregularity lumps. Is there a risk of nerve injury,... READ MORE

5fu Effective on 2 Year Old Hard Scar Tissue from Fat Grafts?

Can 5fu injections treat 2 year old hard scar tissue from fat grafts to marrionette lines beside mouth effectively creating irregularities? READ MORE

Ipl on Month Old Areola Incision?

Can ipl be used on arealo inciscion to reduce reddness after 1 month? READ MORE

When can eyebrow transplants be shaped?

At what time after eyebrow transplants can shaping occur, such as tweezing, threading or waxing? Which is the best method to not damage the grafts. The reason I got eyebrow... READ MORE

Would a Brazilian Butt Lift be a good procedure with lipo sculpting of the banana rolls?

I have banana rolls below my butt, I have had conservative liposuction to them to avoid my butt collapsing, the area looks kind of irregular from the lipo and my natural... READ MORE

Is it safe to use v beam laser to remove persisting redness from eyebrow transplants?

Is it safe to use a pulse dye laser to fade the lasting redness from eyebrow transplants after 1 month and how quickly will it fade the redness? All of the transplanted hairs... READ MORE

IVF egg freezing prior to Brazilian Butt Lift - timing between procedures?

I'm considering freezing my eggs and know that medications like the pill and hormones and injections are used for harvesting more eggs. How much time after this procedure... READ MORE

How much bigger will areola's get with moderate under the muscle 300cc breast implants?

Hi, I am currently a b cup considering breast implants to go up to a small c cup, I've been recommended 300cc moderate profile silicone or saline breast implants under the... READ MORE

Will visible pitting and redness go away after eyebrow transplants?

I had eyebrow transplants 6 weeks ago, the inner eyebrows have no hair covering them and are red and pitted (even with makeup on covering the redness the texture is not smooth.... READ MORE