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Skintyte, BBL, and Ultra A (Retin-A) for Acne Scar - Montana

I received Sciton Skintyte and BBL treatment for a pretty big, but new and shallow scar that I caused by picking at a cyst on my face. I've never struggled with acne too much but had a major flare-up this summer and ended up going on sprinolacctone, oracea, and Zovia. All of which really helped... READ MORE

VI Peel Caused Hyperpigmentation - Montana

I had the VI peel done 2.5 weeks ago. It was definitely not worth it. My skin broke out badly and still is working on clearing up. I could've dealt with that because it's temporary, but I've also developed hyperpigmentation above my lip, all across the lip like a mustache. Now, I'm having to... READ MORE

Definitely Not Worth It! - Seattle, WA

I had a cosmetic mole removal done by Rebecca Patton at Madison Skin and Laser Clinic in Seattle, Washington. I went in to have the mole looked at because I was concerned with some irritation I was experiencing off and on and they enthusiastically said many times "there's nothing wrong with it... READ MORE

Questions from MTGirl93

Acne Scar on Chest?

Hi, I have a pitted acne scar located in the cleavage area on my chest. It is about 6 years old and I'm quite self conscious about it. I've tried fillers to no avail and was... READ MORE

I had a mole removed four months ago and have a bad scar, what can I do to improve the appearance? (photos)

My mole was raised and red but small. The PA said she could remove it and her nurse explained to me that in one month I'd have a flat slightly pink scar. It was removed by the... READ MORE

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I actually followed the after care instructions very carefully and did keep it well covered. So that isn't the source of my problem. A doctor told me they shaved too deeply. Sorry yours didn't heal nicely either :( READ COMMENT

Oh, also, I kept it very well covered with ointment and a bandaid. I followed their aftercare instructions to a T. READ COMMENT

Thank you for your comment. That is definitely helpful to know as I am planning on having the scar revised by a plastic surgeon and was worried how talking/chewing would effect the outcome of an excision. Did your excision heal... READ COMMENT

You're welcome :) obviously some people have done removals and had great outcomes so everyone is different. This is just my experience and if I could take it back I would. READ COMMENT