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Definitely Not Worth It! - Seattle, WA

I had a cosmetic mole removal done in Seattle, Washington. I went in to have the mole looked at because I was concerned with some irritation I was experiencing off and on and they enthusiastically said many times "there's nothing wrong with it medically, but we can remove it!" "let us get you the information about having that removed." Honestly, at the time I wasn't even really thinking of... READ MORE

VI Peel Caused Hyperpigmentation - Montana

I had the VI peel done 2.5 weeks ago. It was definitely not worth it. My skin broke out badly and still is working on clearing up. I could've dealt with that because it's temporary, but I've also developed hyperpigmentation above my lip, all across the lip like a mustache. Now, I'm having to purchase an expensive 4% hydroquinone cream to add to my arsenal of products and I'm terrified of... READ MORE

Skintyte, BBL, and Ultra A (Retin-A) for Acne Scar - Montana

I received Sciton Skintyte and BBL treatment for a pretty big, but new and shallow scar that I caused by picking at a cyst on my face. I've never struggled with acne too much but had a major flare-up this summer and ended up going on sprinolacctone, oracea, and Zovia. All of which really helped clear my skin completely, but I still had that nasty scar that was on my chin right below my lower... READ MORE

Questions from MTGirl93

Acne Scar on Chest?

Hi, I have a pitted acne scar located in the cleavage area on my chest. It is about 6 years old and I'm quite self conscious about it. I've tried fillers to no avail and was... READ MORE

I had a mole removed four months ago and have a bad scar, what can I do to improve the appearance? (photos)

My mole was raised and red but small. The PA said she could remove it and her nurse explained to me that in one month I'd have a flat slightly pink scar. It was removed by the... READ MORE

Scar excision from mole removal scar after other options have failed. (photos)

Last Dec. I had a mole removed via shave method. It healed poorly and left a deep depression and red color. In Apr, I had subcision with juvederm, June I had the same... READ MORE

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Hi Losingtoday - thank you, it is hard to have a good attitude. Some days are better than others, but I just keep trying to be positive and hopeful that after several scar treatments we will get to a place where I feel more comfortable... READ COMMENT

Hi - a dermatologist did this and it was biopsied. READ COMMENT

I actually have had microneedling on some light facial scaring I had from picking at blemishes in the past. The scarring was very minor and nothing like the indentation from the mole removal, but it did help a ton! The scarring that... READ COMMENT

Hi there, I am so sorry. It is seriously terrible and I regret every day that I went through with it. I can cover it with makeup ok sometimes, but it really sucks to be self conscious about it all the time and also I don't like... READ COMMENT

Hi there, I agree it seems like all too often doctors only focus on the positive outcomes and don't prepare you enough for the risks. My doctor has actually been really good since I went back in and is providing free cosmetic... READ COMMENT