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Unfortunately, only time will help! I was miserable for almost 3 months. Had Botox for migraines for 2 yrs and that was the only time it happened. Good luck. READ COMMENT

Not down my neck for SURE! My dr will be back my next visit and I have a lot of questions. I live in Charlotte,NC and go to Durham, NC. for treatment. READ COMMENT

Thanks for responding to my email! Last 2 days have been the best I have felt in 7 wks! I finally feel like I will be back to normal soon! READ COMMENT

Today was 7 wks post Botox! The last couple of days I am starting to feel some relief! Leaning down is still uncomfortable but a lot better! The last 7 wks has seemed like 7 months!!! Like you , I have said I wish I could describe this... READ COMMENT

Seven weeks post Botox and neck pain is a little better the last couple of days but I am still not anywhere normal! Leaning over a little better but muscles in my neck are still paralyzed. I have fluid in my neck! Wish you well!! After... READ COMMENT