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I Regret Not Going with the Full Lift - Newark, DE

I had a mini lift in January of 2015, at the age of 53. I wanted to address jowls, sagging lower face and my neck. I was really excited to find a surgeon with a good reputation doing these for such a great price (4K). I was awake with local anesthesia in his office during the surgery, which is why the cost is so low. Much to my surprise, (and thanks to the Valium), it was pretty easy for... READ MORE

At Best a Waste of Money

I did thermage to address loose skin and jowels. Luckily, the procedure did nothing more than lighten my wallet.I know someone who lost facial fat from this procedure, and now looks much older and very drawn. Any procedure that can remove fat does not belong near your face!!! The doctor agreed that I had no result, and offered to re-do my trouble spots. No thanks. I'll pass. READ MORE

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I have similar feelings about the 'mini-lift' I had 2 years ago. I was impressed with the doctor, had a great experience with the procedure, follow-up and staff. I was happy and hopeful during the first few months, when my face was... READ COMMENT

At this point, I've used both Latisse and generic (careprost and Royal Lashes). For me, there's no difference in effectiveness at all. The only reason I used Latisse twice is because I won them as door prizes at an event. I wouldn't... READ COMMENT

I feel it too, but just a little. I'm thinking a q-tip is too much. You only need the tiniest amount. READ COMMENT

I've been using careprost and royal lash brand for a year now and have super long and thick lashes. Royal lash is supposed to be give less irritation and better growth. am 55 years old and it really made a difference with me. Even... READ COMMENT

I understand these do have a temporary slimming affect due to dehydration of the skin. Maybe o.k. if you really want to fit into a tight pair of jeans that night, but certainly not a real answer. Dehydration isn't healthy. (They call... READ COMMENT