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Can Rhinoplasty Make Nose Bigger?

I had rhinoplasty + septoplasty surgery, but I did not like my new nose, it is not sharp and too small for my face (as if I am punched from front to depress nose). Can I go... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty, Preventing Glass Marks? What Should I Do?

I had Rhinoplasty + septoplasty 21 days ago. After he removed the bandage (7th day) he put brown bandages. At 12th needed glasses to see(university). But I noticed that, glass... READ MORE

25 Days Post-op Rhinoplasty Surgery. I Have Still Black-blue Colored Eyetint? Is It Normal?

Swellings are gone but, beneath my eye there is deep black-blue(close to normal skin color) skin color left? Is it normal? 25 days passed? People notice it but they dont say... READ MORE

If I Go Lasik, at Friday, Will I Be Able to Catch Up Lessons at Monday?

I have 2.25 myopia, thinking of lasik. Will I be able to see slides(distance: 6 meters to slideshow/ I cant see from 2 meters normally) on monday in university? And will I be... READ MORE

Desquamation After Rhinoplasty? Is It Normal?

I have excessive desquamation the day after I had the operation. I like scratch off, %40 of my nose skin every one-two, then I wash my nose with cold water. When I touch to my... READ MORE

Brusing, Not Gone, 2.5month Has Passed. Why?

İ still have the brusing under my eye, covering medial and superior surfaces of eye, giving a butterfly appearance. Prominent bruising had gone after 20 days. And what remains ... READ MORE

Wrong Rhinoplasty (My Nose is Curvy After Procedure)?

3 months passed after rhinoplasty operation. And my nose is bent right like 7 degrees from frontal aspect ( you see it when you look front of me). So my nose is not on... READ MORE

Had Lasik Operation, Can I Open my Eyes Underwater?

2 months after Lasik, I see cyrstal clear. But at holiday I ll swim. I swim in the sea and pool but mostly at sea. Can I open my eyes in hyperosmolar fluid, it has too much... READ MORE