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Sorry, but I don't remember ever posting anything like you stated. You are thinking of someone else's comment. READ COMMENT

Botox side effects are not as common, or reported as much as Dysport. I am one person that is allergic to Botox, so please be careful! READ COMMENT

It is Russian Roulette. The Doctors don't know enough about the long term side effects, but it is a big money maker, and that says it all! Beware! Do your research! READ COMMENT

It is Russian Roulette. Beware! Do your research! It is a money making scheme! READ COMMENT

Has anyone tried Reiki? Or Acupuncture? I had a "bad" reaction to Botox several years ago. Mostly flu-like symptoms, and weakness that lasted a few months. During the Reiki session, I actually felt "something" move within my body! Where... READ COMMENT