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My Face is Masculine and Ugly. Any Suggestions for Improvement?

My nose is too big and wide. I think open AND closed rhino will suit me. My philtrum is too visible. The nasolabial folds around my mouth are deep and visible. My chin is too... READ MORE

Several Procedures to Obtain a More Feminine, Beautiful Face? Nose, Chin, Eyes, Nasal Labials. (photo)

My suggestions for myself are: Open AND closed rhinoplasty. I hate the width of my nose bridge and I hate the flare of the nostrils. Facial injections to fill out nasolabial... READ MORE

A Feminine Face is All I Ever Wanted? (photo)

I've always been taunted about my looks by both family, friends & strangers. Once I took a picture of myself with my phone & actually thought the picture came out nice.... READ MORE

What Are Some Recommended Procedures to Reduce the Size of a Face and Change the Overall Shape? (photo)

My face is large because of a high hairline and long jaw bones. I also have excess fat under my chin and around the jawline of my neck. My high hairline is due to hair loss... READ MORE

Any suggestions on what can be done to improve my face? (Photo)

My suggestions: jaw reduction. Chin lipo with fat transfer to nasolabial folds. Philtrum reduction and open AND closed rhinoplaaty. Absolutely hate my face but my lower face is... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for open/closed rhino, jaw reduction and fat fillers around my mouth? (Photo)

While I don't think I'm butt ugly, I can be honest enough to say my face is androgynous enough to have been mistaken for a transgender. Not out of malice but I have been... READ MORE

Jaw reduction options? (photos)

I feel as if I need a short jawline to soften my lower face. I have researched the procedure and it is commonly preformed on Asians and transgender persons. It also appears to... READ MORE

Lower face fix? (Photo)

I want my lower face to be more feminine. I have jowls, chin fat, a long jaw bone and smile lines that completely disparage my lower face. I accentuate my upper face with... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Jaw bone reduction, chin liposuction and Rhino? (photos)

I know for a fact that a rhinoplasty and chin liposuction will balance out my face but I've contemplated a jaw reduction because I think my jaw bone is too long. I will... READ MORE

Surgery for a shorter, more youthful face? (Photos)

There's a slew of procedures that I'd like done on my face. Chin liposuction, rhinoplasty and cheek implants just to name a few. I've been told that due to a weak chin, I'd... READ MORE