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Here's to NEVER Thinking About my Belly AGAIN! - Evans, GA

I have never had a flat stomach, and since having two large boys, it sticks out more now than before. Plus, now I have the added bonus of extra skin. The stretched muscles, extra skin, and genetic predisposition to deposit any extra fat over my middle are ugly, and what's worse, PUSH MY PANTS DOWN!!! I swear I am always pulling my pants up. I look like Chris Farley when he was the Motivational... READ MORE

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Probably, as long as it is not just a skinny ledge. If it doesn't have a place to hold onto, I would get some of those removable shower handholds they sell at drugstores. I felt unsteady and weird when I took my first shower, and I... READ COMMENT

You're getting close!!! If you can, get a shower chair (something with arms you can put into the shower to sit on while you take your first shower). I read a couple of posts from women who nearly passed out the first time they got... READ COMMENT

I don't know if breast augmentation is more acceptable or not. Personally, I think many women kind of look down on women with breast implants ( I do not) because though breast implants look good, the mean girls can take it away by... READ COMMENT

So sorry you aren't getting any support. Steroids plus post pregnancy is not a good combination for healthy self esteem or getting weight off (in addition to appetite stimulation steroids make you retain water, make you moody, and they... READ COMMENT

I have been telling my gym buddies that I'm having one done. I didn't think it was such a big deal to talk about it, but then I told a group of women at a party and they were really interested. I told them my quote, and it was silent... READ COMMENT