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Does Water Retention Affect the Efficacy of Zeltiq Coolsculpting?

I am wondering whether being bloated due to hormones or retaining a lot of water due to salty food intake affects the amount of fat that is sucked in and adequately frozen by... READ MORE

Does the Coolsculpting Treatment Thoroughly Chill All the Fat Cells Pulled into the Applicator?

How many of the fat cells in the tissue that is pulled into the applicator are ACTUALLY completely frozen/crystallized? Is the Zeltiq device designed to thoroughly and... READ MORE

Effective to Re-treat Area with Coolsculpting After 7 Weeks Rather Than 8?

I treated my lower abs with Zeltiq and will have a second session (same area) 7 weeks from my first treatment. I have heard that retreating before 2 months pass enhances... READ MORE

What Are the Benefits of Coolsculpting Re-treatment at the 4-6 Week Mark?

According to my research, some physicians recommend re-treating an area with Zeltiq 4-6 weeks after the first treatment. My question is: are the benefits of re-treating at the... READ MORE

Will Pregnancy After Coolsculpting Cause Fat Cells to Multiply in Treated Area and Negatively Impact Long Term Results?

I have had 2 Coolsculpting treatments on my lower abs, with excellent results. I have heard that fat cells divide during pregnancy. When I eventually have children, will my fat... READ MORE

Do Any Medications Affect Coolsculpting Results?

Hello, Two of my friends and I were wondering: post-Coolsculpting procedure, are there any medications that could negatively affect treatment results? Do anti-inflammatories,... READ MORE

Are Coolsculpting results TRULY permanent? Also, are repeated treatments safe?

I've heard that the results from Coolsculpting only last 10 to 15 years. Extreme weight gain aside, are the results from Coolsculpting truly permanent (at least in terms of fat... READ MORE

What are the dimensions of the new CoolFit applicator, relative to the other Zeltiq applicators?

What are the dimensions of the different Zeltiq applicators? Does anyone have a visual of the different applicators side by side? What is the width of the new CoolFit... READ MORE

Does coughing during Coolsculpting (causing skin fold in applicator to retract) affect treatment results?

I scheduled a Coolsculpting treatment for my abdomen but got sick the week before the appt. During the time that the applicator was on my abdomen, I coughed hard a few times.... READ MORE

Coolsculpting applicator not completely filled, but suction is intact. Does that = less effective fat freezing?

During my treatment with the large applicator, I noticed that the skin fold did not reach the back of the applicator--in other words, the applicator had enough suction to stay... READ MORE

How can you fix denting from Coolsculpting to abdomen?

I treated a fairly low-fat area with Coolsculpting (upper abs) and the result was a slight indentation right over my belly button, so it looks now like I have an upper ab fat... READ MORE

Days following Coolsculpting procedure to upper and lower abs -how to optimize/not sabotage results?

I recently got my upper and lower abs treated with Coolsculpting. On my day of treatment and on the following day, I had a lot of heavy, fat and sugar-laden meals due to... READ MORE

During Coolsculpting, do the fat cells die during the procedure, or in the weeks after?

Quick question regarding Coolsculpting: do the fat cells die DURING the procedure, immediately after the procedure, or in the days/weeks after the procedure? Thanks! READ MORE

Coolsculpting; Can Z Wave replace manual massage post-treatment?

Hello. I recently got a Coolsculpting treatment and the technician used Z Wave for 1-2 minutes instead of manual massage immediately afterwards. I was wondering whether I... READ MORE

Specific time interval required between Vanquish treatments?

I am interested in getting a series of Vanquish treatments but my schedule and location make it difficult to travel to a Vanquish provider once a week. I am wondering if... READ MORE

Which is better for fat loss--Vanquish or Coolsculpting?

I have heard conflicting views on this issue. Some doctors' offices say they have seen much better results with Coolsculpting than with Vanquish, but some testimonials I have... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Coolsmooth applicator--just for thighs?

I recently heard about Zeltiq's new Coolsmooth applicator, and was wondering if this device can be used on abs as well as thighs. I have a very slight dent in my abdominals... READ MORE

What is Ultratone, and how does it work?

What is UltraTone, and how does it work? I hear it causes the release of fat from fat cells through electronic stimulation, "weakening the fat cell walls and then stimulating... READ MORE

After coolsculpting, at what point do the fat cells die? Directly during/after treatment, or later?

With Coolsculpting, do the fat cells die immediately after the treatment and are cleared by the inflammatory process over several weeks? Or do they die over a period of several... READ MORE

Vanquish with Skyla IUD (metal ring on mostly plastic IUD) safe?

Hello. I am considering getting an IUD and have read that people with copper IUDs or metal implants should not have Vanquish performed. Could you please explain why this... READ MORE

Is the 1-week interval between Vanquish treatments necessary? Or can you wait longer between treatments?

Hello. I am considering having my abdomen treated with Vanquish. I've read that the optimal treatment method is 6 treatments spaced one week apart. Is there any advantage to... READ MORE

Does doing two Vanquish treatments on the same day lead to better results?

How does Vanquish kill fat cells, and does having treatments done the same day versus spread out over several days make a difference in overall result? READ MORE

Why are a minimum of four treatments needed for Vanquish?

Hello. I am wondering--for a very low-fat area such as arms or upper abs (where one only wants to lose half an inch of fat mass at most), are four Vanquish treatments really... READ MORE

With Vanquish, what is the optimal time interval between treatments?

I've heard that patients need a minimum of a 72 hour window in between Vanquish treatments in order for the body to start the inflammatory process that gets rid of the fat... READ MORE