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Struggling Recover from Medpor Chin Implant Replacement - Boston, MA

I'm in my early 20s and I had a huge medpor contoured two pieced chin implant in for 6 month. Love the side profile but front is too wide for my feminine face. Got it removed 5 months ago and replaced with a silicone implant that provides me the same projection I want but has no sided extensions at all.The removal process was traumatic since the medpor extensions on two sides are very long and... READ MORE

Questions from Long recovering

Does Refinements Give You a Better Result?

Im wondering do refinements correct your teeth to reach the same result your initial clincheck shows you if your teeth dont turn out the same result in the first round... READ MORE

Redness and small plastic on the incision scar 1 year post hairline lowering advancement surgery. How can I reduce the redness?

I had hairline lowering surgery with browlift 1 year ago. Incision along hairline.The left end of scar remained a small bump and tender to touch after the rest of scar healed.... READ MORE

Lumps and softness after several chin revision surgery. Can this be improved or might it be permanent due to previous traumas?

Long story short . I m in my 20s and had 4 chin implant surgeries. First one too big, second one perfect but later shifted caused by accident, third one malpositioned , now... READ MORE

Part of the scar inflamed after chin implant surgery. Will it resolve by itself?

Chin implant underneath the chin 2 months ago.The left end of my scar started to getting redder and raised up recently. It's feels like a bad acne that pus underneath it needs... READ MORE

What's the solution for scar tethering?

My scar only had texture problems and minor depressed egdes to start with. After doing sessions of lasers the scar from surface is vitually gone. But whenever i have facial... READ MORE

How soon after scar revision surgery will be an appropriate time to have steroid injected?

I had scar revision of my bumpy scar on forehead 7weeks ago. Doctor went in and saw thickened fibrosis and permanent stitches.he cut out the thickened tissue and replace the... READ MORE