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Saggy Frown After Nose Job

I had a nose job 7 months ago and now my frown is saggy.Is there a way to tighten it back and make some mild wrinkles caused by the pressure of the implant go away? READ MORE

Questions from morocha10

Nose Tip Still Fat and Round After Rhinoplasty with Implant

After 8 months of my Rhinoplasty with a silicone implant, my nose tip is still round and fat. How much more should I wait to see a more fine and narrow tip? Thanks. READ MORE

Should I Use a Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon for Scar Excision?

And why? Which is the best option? Pros and cons? Also, which type of excision procedures are best for a small lineal hypertrophic scars after an alarplathy surgery? Thank you. READ MORE

Can Fraxel Repair Be Used on Dark/Black Skin to Treat Hypertrophic Scarring?

Mainly on the face. What are the pros and cons? Can it also be used to treat dark elbows and knees? Thank you. READ MORE

Which is the Best Anal Bleaching Technique?

I need to know which is the safest and efficient anal bleaching technique. READ MORE

Does Earlobe Redution Always Leave a Scar?

If so, can the scar fade completely with vitamin e gel pads or scar oils/gels? READ MORE

Plastic Surgeon or Facial Plastic Surgeon for Alar Base Reduction?

For an alar base(alarplasty) reduction? Will that be a big difference or not? Which one has better results? Both have the same skill levels on that area or not? Which one is my... READ MORE

Are There Any Other Eyelid Surgery Options Other Than Using a Scalpel to Cut and Tighten the Excess Skin on the Upper Eyelid?

I do not desire a scar so I'd like to know if there are other alternatives with the same results as cutting the skin. Thank you. READ MORE

My Earlobes Are Stretched?

Hi, I had this earlobe allergy because of fantasy jewelry, my earlobe got really swollen and I notice after 3 days that it know looks stretched and longer, I scratched the... READ MORE

Extracting Black Heads Caused a Scarring on the Tip of my Nose?

And know I have a deep dent on the tip that is not closing, is there a way to fill the hole? Is that an open pore or just scarring? Will the dent fill out with time or do I... READ MORE

Do I Need to Have my Breast Augmentation Before my Areola Reduction or Viceversa?

Do I Need to Have my Breast Augmentation Before my Areola Reduction or Viceversa? Thank you. READ MORE

Do Face Exercises to Develop and Create Higher Cheekbones Really Work?

There are several programs like Carole Maggio "Facercise" do they really work? Specially the ones to develop and create higher cheekbones? READ MORE

Will a Nose Implant Mess Up my Singing?

Or the procedure to make my nose bigger has no effect? And why? Thank you. READ MORE

Do Cheeks Stretch or Just Become Saggy?

I've noticed my left cheek is less firmer than the right cheek a couple months ago, I tried doing face exercises but I guess it made the issue worse, did I stretch my... READ MORE

Is Fat Grafting for the Cheeks Permanent?

Are there any new techniques that can bond the fat to your cheek bone structure and not let it fall or disperse with time? Thank You! READ MORE

Bulky Mouth Corners?

Hello, I have been feeling my mouth corners and they feel bulky lately, like the inside flesh of the corners are fatter. Why is that? And what can I do to remove that... READ MORE

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I have read about Pixee Fox, she went to Iran and got her barbie nose with Doctor Farshid Mahboubirad, I have seen his facebook and instagram and I have to say most of his work is really impressive, I contacted him on whatsapp and he... READ COMMENT

Hello! Have you considered South Korea for revision? READ COMMENT

A year and a half has passed and my nose is still bulbous and round, the columella is not straight and hard but soft and slightly curved, I have a custom made implant. Do you think my nose has completely healed and no more swelling... READ COMMENT