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Sculptra is dangerous. I'm so sorry for your suffering. Thank you for posting this information about the possibility of the product migrating. The inflammation and autoimmune response is scary. I was never told and of this and don't... READ COMMENT

Exactly! Doctor who injected this person was TRAINED BY SCULPTRA and still had a reaction. READ COMMENT

Omg, what is wrong with you?! Do you think people are making this stuff up or something? People are SUFFERING and you're continuing with the righteous comments. I completley disagree that this is exclusively from doctor error. All you... READ COMMENT

Are you paid by the makers of Sculptra? Because nobody here gives a shite whether or not your treatments went well. We know some people don't have reactions, but it isn't all doctor error. They used to say the same about silicone before... READ COMMENT

These doctors and sculptra makers need to pay. They're gettig rich while people suffer. READ COMMENT