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Is It Possible to Have Laser Skin-tightening Before Body Contouring Surgery?

I'm early 20's & a student. I've lost ~110lbs w/o surgery. I have skin laxity & fat distribution issues after 1yr of maintaining weight. Is it OK to try laser skin... READ MORE

What Kind of Breast Lift (With Implants) Carries the Lowest Risk of Nipple Sensation Loss?

I almost certainly need a breast lift with implants after losing about 115lbs, however, I'm TERRIFIED of losing sensation. I rather enjoy having it, if you know what I mean. ;)... READ MORE

I Know That Dimple Creation Surgery Exists for the Face, but Do Any Doctors Do Surgery to Create Dimples on Lower Back? (photo)

Is it possible to create dimples of Venus on the lower back surgically? If so, how is this done? And who does it? I had them as a child but that was before I became morbidly... READ MORE