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BR- And a TT with MR- Healing well in FL

I am literally counting down the days on my bedroom calendar. I am 43 and have been thinking about this for 14 years (when my first pregnancy turned me from a 34DD to a 34KK) UGH! I had a second baby...and no deflation. Double UGH! I lost 25 pounds and went from a KK to a K. Not fair, really! It is really helpful to read the stories on this wonderful forum. I especially appreciate the women... READ MORE

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I bet it was just your intestines- massaging your belly can get your GI tract going and you probably just felt the contractions of the intestines. Probably very much like a baby kicking! weird but normal :) READ COMMENT

I think any of the torso movement (twisting, bending) causes more irritation- makes sense. We had layers separated so they are more sensitive to movement and will have swelling as a result. I find when it bothers me I just put on my... READ COMMENT

Oh and I have been using Arnica gel- rub into the bruises- and it seems to help them go away faster. READ COMMENT

I am at same point today- POD#16 and still leak yellowish drainage from incisions, some areas around nipple are a little bloody on bandages. Still bruises and occasionally a new area is bruised on my sides. I think this is just from... READ COMMENT

I'm POD#16 today and still have no feeling in either nipple. My PS said that since I was so "stretched out" the nerves were pretty long and had a greater chance of getting damaged. But nerves grow VERY slowly and this may just take time... READ COMMENT