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Ok sounds good. You are welcome to your opinon of them being a joke.. they are a debt free company and have thousands of customers that swear by the product. Things just dont work for everyone! Hope your venture in weightloss goes better! READ COMMENT

It Works does not promise inch loss.. just tightens, tones and firms. Use the other products!! They all help with the wraps. I am in Orlando and could walk you through the process of using them.. I wont try to sell you on more just want... READ COMMENT

The illness feeling was flushing out toxins and a sign that you didnt drink enough water. It gives me a headache if I dont drink enough. Another thing you could try is wrapping your feet to flush the toxins out or using Greens. you can... READ COMMENT

Hey kelsy, It took me 6/7 wraps to see great results. I know thats not what you want to hear but I did notice that wrap 3 I saw skin smoothing.. I had to wrap my feet and started using witch hazel and saw better results. Id be willing... READ COMMENT