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Hi, yes but my forehead is still really heavy, heavy eyelids, and puffy eyes, presumably because my circulation is compromised because of having a frozen forehead and brows, lol. Well. I hope it wears off sooner than later. I do have... READ COMMENT

What doctors in their right mind would do this? seriously? around the MOUTH? what are they thinking? totally crazy. READ COMMENT

I am glad to hear you went back to "normal." I just had forehead and glabella area injected and my eyebrows are SO heavy that my eyelids are dropping completely onto the tops of my eyes. I look tired all the time when I've never felt... READ COMMENT

Great for you for posting this. I had short term effects (knock on wood), droopy eyebrows (was treated well above eyebrows), nausea, killer headache for two days, rapid heart beat, anxiety/strange depressed feelings. Its now day 8 and... READ COMMENT

I just have to say, after reading all these posts and having my own experience of unbelievable nightmare after botox 5 days ago, that doctors saying "this never happens," or "its something you ate" or any other complete horse shit means... READ COMMENT