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Toached by the hands of God ... Changing peoples lifes....

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23 Oct 2016, Created 11 months ago

Rod J. Rohrich, MD

5 out of 5 stars

I believe that some humans beings are touched by the hands of God, Dr Roerich is one of those super human and super Doctor Blessed by God to bring happiness and help people self esteem. There is not enough stars or money to tank him for what he is done to my self esteem. He is very talented and definitely a blessing to humanity. Since I was 13 my nose was always bigger and out of proportion... READ MORE

He Transmits Love and Positive Energy and Great Talent - Plano, TX

Excuse my grammar since English is not my first language. Dr. Lam Is very Unique he is the very few that uses tools that makes things safer (no Needles) but a speciall canula (safer) I been having fillers from Dr. Lam. for a few years now. He really lisens to you and he takes his time. I feel great energy from him, He is genuine and he is passionate about his work. Before he became a Doctor he... READ MORE

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Excuse my English because is my second language .. I hope I was able to deliver my experience correctly READ COMMENT

Why then he gave you a quote then? you are not destitute obviously since at least you had the money to pay another surgeon. When I mention charity work is for people in third world country's with major life altering face... READ COMMENT

What ? He offer no solution ? If he offer no solution why do you say the other doctor charged you half ?? That means Dr. Lam did offer a solution otherwise he would not have giving you a quote for his services !!!!!! You make... READ COMMENT