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Otoplasty -UK

Severe ear deformity after heamatoma of ears causing cartilage overlap and buckling up off ear and fibro cartilage formation causing very thick ears. 2 further ops to give slight improvement. wish i read this beforehand .i never realised the risks involved as i though it was a sraightforward... READ MORE

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How are your ears now? there looks to be a little more swelling than normal that might compromise the result, Did you have a more of a invasive technique. Normally with hematomas and infection you normally get very intense pain the... READ COMMENT

Buy ear buddies on internet its a kit that contains a splint and tape. Ideally it has to be put on the childs ear within a couple of months after a child is born as the cartilage is soft and can be positioned without the need of surgery... READ COMMENT

Ill agree one of the best ear surgeons there is for all kinds of ear problems READ COMMENT

Sorry forgot to add i dont think your ears stick out excessively ,i think women can get away with it more and they tend to have longer hair. Knowing what i know about this surgery id be inclined to leave them as they are. READ COMMENT

Its risky going to another country as you will no nothing about the surgeons skill technique or cleanliness of the clinic. what happens if complication arise when you are back at home you could develop a heamatoma in the ear and if... READ COMMENT