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I Haven't Shrunk One Single Cup-size!

I have lost an admirable amout of weight lately, and there wasnt much breast to brag about after that. I started to develop what I always have called my "Bazooka breasts" when I was about ten years old. When I was 14 they were huuuge, and my stupid mother refused to buy me bigger bras. "You are too youn to have big bras" she said, so I always had like C cups and my poor breasts always were... READ MORE

Finally Getting This Done - Drammen, Norway

Finally I'll get my tummy tuck done. I have had two emergency caesarian sections. During both of my pregnancies, I gave birth to healthy sized babies. Huge belly on little me. I am 153 cm. My tummy was really stretched with tons of stretch marks. After I had my first baby, I went to my doctor and told her I wanted to do a tummy tuck. She kept telling me the skin would retract, I was too young... READ MORE

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Will These Look Better with Reduction? (Photos)

Hi there I have a 32H cup. I have nursed two babies, but I do not feel that this has altered the shape, size or firmness of my breast. My problem is hanging and asymmetry. I... READ MORE

Surgeons in my Country Are Less Skilled in This, So I Want to Know if I Am a Candidate for Lift Instead of Reduction? (photo)

I have been recommended BR, but I have doubts. I have seen too many with "snipped-off"-looking/square breasts. And I do not want smaller breasts at all. I to elevate, correct... READ MORE

Regarding Liposuction-types for Somewhat Chubby Arms? (photo)

I want to even out my top-heavy look, so my arms will fit more with my petite figure, and so my hard-earned biceps will show. The clinic only offers what they call... READ MORE

I Have Wobbly Skin on the Thighs After Weightloss, is Liposuction Enough, or Do I Need a Lift?

During my second pregnancy, I gained a lot weight. Now, one year later, I have lost all the pregnancy weight (20 kg) and I am back in my old jeans! Sadly, the skin on the... READ MORE

Breast Lift and Implants... One or Two Procedures?

After losing weight and breastfeeding, I have droopy breasts, and would like a good lift with somewhat large implants. However, after seeing several plastic surgeons, whom all... READ MORE

How should I treat this wound? (photo)

My perfect result after a vertical mastopexy with 250 cc implants is threatened by this wound. My PS treats it like this: covers the hole only with Jelonet, then a waterproof... READ MORE

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Help me find back to this doctor

I remember looking at Realself a couple of days ago, and I found a lady who had BBL, and paid around $5000. The low price interested me, so I looked at the surgeons page. He... READ MORE

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Sadly I don't, I have such a bust life, I just forget about it all the time. However, I will have correctional surgery on "dog ears" on the end of the scars, and I will take before/after of that. READ COMMENT

Thanks :D The result is a little different now, one year after because I needed to go on high dose Prednisone for 14 days, and as you may know, Prednisone weight goes to the belly. However, it is pretty much all gone again, not as flat... READ COMMENT

I am wondering about the same. I am thinking about having this scheduled soon, I just need to work around the logistics around it. READ COMMENT

You look incredible. I will bring wish-pictures of your butt, I think :3 READ COMMENT