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Prepping to be Made In Cabral.

BACKGROUND Ive been considering this procedure for a while now, since 2012 after my first (& last) child. I am by no means skinny or "big". I have always had a big bubblebutt and small waist. but after my daughter, although my waist is still fairly small compared to the rest of me it isn't enough. my measurements before my daughter were 36B-26-37. my measurements now are 36D-36-45. I... READ MORE

Questions from thickchick1

Surgery Abroad: What medications should I bring or ask my doc to prescribe?

I am getting a tummy tuck, breast lift, and full liposuction for a Brazilian butt lift. What pain medication should I bring? READ MORE

What should kind of results can be achieved with JUST a breast lift?

I am a 36D. My breasts have sagged due to breastfeeding. I love my breast size, but am not happy with where they are or my nipples. I do not want bigger breasts but I want the... READ MORE

Does skin pigmentation affect the outcome of the healing process?

Will this affect how my scars or any incisions heal, such as discoloration or the skin being darker. Am i more prone to being burned if getting laser lipo? Are there any... READ MORE

Is it safe to "waist train" after liposuction + brazilian butt lift? (Photo)

After most of the swelling goes down in about the 3-4 month post op would it be okay to start wearing a steel-bone corset? (With out without faja) Also, will this help boost... READ MORE

Breast Lift Reccomendations & Natural Breast Augmentation? (Photo)

I would like to know if I am a good Candidate for an Anchor Incision lift, and what I could gain from natural augmentation? I do not want anything forgein in my body, but when... READ MORE

Is peroxide something that should be put on incisions post op?

I have been reading in everyone's brazilian butt lift journies that its something they bring along with alcohol wipes. But i am confused because I thought that it kills living... READ MORE

What does a BBL do if you have cellulite?

If there is already cellulite on the buttocks can the BBL make it worse or does it usually help cellulite? READ MORE

What is Lipo Foam used for? What is a Triangular Board used for during Brazilian Butt Lift recovery?

What is i used for and why is it important to have it during recovery? I read that a lot of BBL and tummy tuck women use it but its never specified as to why and where.p READ MORE

Do I have enough fat and a large enough butt now to achieve the results I want? (Photo)

I would like a bottom like the picture I am providing. My rear is already 46 inches pre-op and my waist is 29. READ MORE

Should I have inner thigh lipo and fat grafting to outer thigh for these results? (Photo)

I am having a bbl and during I wanted to know if inner thigh lipo for the "thigh gap" and a fat transfer to my outter thighs would give me sculpted thighs like these women to... READ MORE

Can Stretchmarks Be Improved With A Tummy Tuck?

Ive read that stretch marks can be cut out during a tummy tuck. What I would like to know is, is that true? If they can be cut out - is this a common thing doctors do during... READ MORE

Should I get inner thigh Liposuction and Fat Transfer to outer thighs for these results? (photos)

I apologize for not being more explanatory prior & thank you busy docs for your responses. I would like inner thigh lipo for a "thigh gap" or space between my thighs, and... READ MORE

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Anyone planning on becoming a Cabral Barbie this year?

He's the only one ive seen really giving he results i want. I have a shape like the ones he gives now.. so im hoping he can do some extrodinary sculpting to give what i really... READ MORE

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Thats the same reason i didnt go with yily :/. She never responded till i said nevermind. READ COMMENT

Lol yes ima have to agree. :/ I was gonna go with robles last year she does AHmazing tummy tucks. Have you chosen someone else or just giving her some time to shape up *cracks whip* lol? READ COMMENT

I can not S T A N D clitriders *pardonme language* lol, but yo. we are here to all share whether positive or negative - as long as its real we should all be supportung one another. I can not stand when these C/D-riders get emotional... READ COMMENT

Be blessed and good luck barbie! God is with you and he will guide Cabrals hands. Cant wait to see your results :) READ COMMENT

Hey love in praying for you. Waiting on you to share the second surgery cause were all in suspense like IS SHE OKAY?! Youre blessed tho to have such an awesome husband and caring nurse. i remember you telling me to bring nausea pills... READ COMMENT