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Possilbe for the So Called Hook Nose to Return After Septorhinoplasty?

Recently i had septorhinoplasty, my septum was corrected, i had a large so called hook shaped nose with a big dorsal bump, which i was told by the surgeon it was a fracture as... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Thinking About Revision to Return a Hooked Nose?

I underwent septorhinoplasty to fix a hook/beaked nose, it was done really well with what i believe he shortened the septum and sort of compressed the tip making it more... READ MORE

Can a Lifted Tip Reversed and Drooped Again?

I had a droopy tip looked like a hook nose from profile, and had it lifted with what i believe was a columellar setback method, can this be reversed with another procedure? can... READ MORE

Is Possible to Reverse a Cephalic Trim?

About a year ago i had my nose straightened, dorsal bump removed and a cephalic trim to lift a droopy tip. my surgeon did a great job but i cant seem to adapt to the change and... READ MORE

Dorsal Hump Graft Information?

I had my dorsal hump removed, and i would like it back, i read that a graft can be put there for augmentation either rib, ear etc. i would just like to know how much can a... READ MORE

Does the Nose Have to Be Re Broken to Get a Dorsal Augmentation?

I had a dorsal hump removed and it like to get it back with a graft, id just like to know what the procedure consists of, does the nose have to be rebroken to add the graft?... READ MORE

Is it possible to reverse osteotomies, making the nasal bones wider and having a dorsal graft so there is no open roof?

How can a nose be made wider. Is it possible to reverse osteotomies that was once done, to make the nose look wider given that a dorsal graft will be added to replace the once... READ MORE

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Hey man. all the swelling in the face is normal, in 2 weeks it will be gone, but you nose will be swollen a lot most of it will go down in around 6 - 12 months good luck with it all READ COMMENT

Hey speak to your surgeon about your concerns, the bridge can always be augmented to make it wider or i think they even use spreader grafts for this but it can be done. hang in there i know what you are going thru it feels like hell, im... READ COMMENT

Hey there, i know what you are going thru because i am also feeling the same was as you, wishing i could go back into time. i know words cant change your situation and how you feel about your procedure, but for all its worth id still... READ COMMENT

Dude its a great result.. swelling will go down much more even up to a year.. great result thou.. did many people notice the change who dont know you had the procedure? READ COMMENT

Hey it looks great, such a positive result.. i like how it still has a small bump it makes it look more natural i believe.. READ COMMENT