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Thanks, I'll look into that! READ COMMENT

I had the same thinking that Invisalign would be better for my gums because when I had wire braces I wasn't able to floss and care for my gums well enough and I figured that with the trays I could take them out and better care for my... READ COMMENT

Thanks for sharing this, I never thought of using Invsalign for anything but straightening. You sound incredibly informed and I'm happy everything worked out for you the way you wanted it! READ COMMENT

I can say that one thing I wish I had been told before, not after, going through almost a year of invisilign is that if you have problems with your gums this method could aggravate it. Unfortunately gum problems seem to run in the... READ COMMENT

After I got went through the whole braces ordeal, I wore my retainer every night for about a year and then discovered I could go a couple nights without it, and then a week without wearing it...well before long I stopped wearing it at... READ COMMENT