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Hey hun, I too am going in April! I actually chose the same date as you, but I'm not sure if she is full that day! I asked her to email me back to let me know and if she is I chose the 12 as an alternative date!! My birthday is in May,... READ COMMENT

I pray everyone's journey is blessed with safety, speedy recovery and happiness!!! READ COMMENT

Hey Ladies, I am going to Dr. Yily also I was thinking April!! it is taking her a long time to respond I just received an email from her after 2 days of nothing!! But she will reply:) she quoted me 3800 for tummy tuck and Lipo to my... READ COMMENT

My name is coming up as spam, but this is chocolate baby! oh that's great that you are going with a friend!! I'm trying to get my sister to go with me, but that's not working out to well right now!! as long as I know that I won't... READ COMMENT

That's also my plan too, to arrive one the 25th and hopefully have surgery on the 26th, but she has not emailed me back yet nor called to confirm my date! I'll send her another email today and hopefully a reply will son follow!! I don't... READ COMMENT