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Four months out, still happy! - New Orleans, LA

I wish I could blame my stomach issues completely on my triplets, who were born in 2007 weighing 13.5 pounds total. But alas, I've had this "apron" of flab for far longer than that. As long as I can remember, in fact. I'm fairly tall (5'10") and have a very long torso, so even as stretched out as I was, I don't believe I have any muscle separation. Over the past year, I've lost between... READ MORE

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Any advice on New Orleans doctors?

I have been fantasizing about having a tummy tuck ever since I had my triplets five years ago. Now I'm starting to save up and am nervously thinking about setting up... READ MORE

Questions to ask at first consultation?

Tomorrow I have my first consultation, and I'm nervous and excited and seriously dreading showing any other human being my stomach.    What should I ask the doctor?... READ MORE

How did you feel 8 weeks out?

If I'm lucky, I'm going to get my TT with MR and lipo to hips/flanks at the end of March. My 20th high school reunion is at the end of May, so 8 weeks after surgery.   How... READ MORE

How long were your drains in?

I had a TT with MR and hip/flank lipo on March 28. I'm 12 dpo today and still have two of my four drains. They're not really consistent with their output. One will put out 20... READ MORE

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I had my drains for two weeks. It was the longest 2 weeks ever! It was miserable. But it's good to keep them in if necessary because I ended up with a seroma. Boo! On the bright side, your results look great! READ COMMENT

Love it! I'm 4 months out myself, and still have some swelling. Glad to hear I'm not it's just me. It's so nice to be able to wear fitted shirts! Woo hoo! READ COMMENT

I was back at work a little less than two weeks post-surgery, and it was fine, but I think I'm a fast healer. Also, I have a super low-stress desk job, so it was fine. I guess it just depends on so many things! READ COMMENT

My seroma lasted about 3 weeks, I think? I met with three doctors here too. Did you meet with Dr Mizgala? Love her, but she was expensive. Now I wish I'd gone to meet with Dr Hanneman, your surgery was so much less than mine! READ COMMENT

I do! I'm now like 14 weeks post op? Something like that. Not bad, but I feel it if I press hard. READ COMMENT