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No Difference =/ - San Diego

I had lipo for my neck and lower abs. I'm a young male and actually really lightweight (128 lb, for a guy thats super light, even my ribs show haha) I wanted a defined neck and ab, so went to Dr. A for liposuction. He said he could definitely get my results. Well no good =( He's nice and all, but results weren't good. READ MORE

Questions from RandomHAHAHA

Are Contour Thread Lifts Permanent?

I've read that Contour Thread Lifts are both permanent and temporary; which is it? READ MORE

Can Cheek/Facial Lipo Make my Face Toned and Masculine?

Hi! I'm a male, 5' 7" and only weigh 125 lb. However, I have a bit of an untoned face that kinda bothers me. It's not fat, butt I really want it to be more... READ MORE

Confused About Artefill - Permanent or Not?

Hi! I'm really confused about Artefill haha. I've read that artefill is a permanent filler, yet it last for 5-10 years. I also read another question on this site where... READ MORE

How Long Until I Can Get Permanent Artefill Injections After Radiesse?

Hi! I had Radiesse Injections for my nose (non-surgical nose job) and really like it! So now I'd like to get the permanent Artefill injections once the Radiesse is gone. It... READ MORE

No Bowel Movement After Lipo

Hi! I just Power-Assisted Liposuction done yesterday. The doctor and staff were just awesome! However, I'm a little worried about my bowel movements, since I haven't... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Look Fatter After Liposuction?

Hi again haha. Just had lipo on my lower abs and jaw area. I'm a very lightweight male, only 125 lb. However, I've always had extra fat deposits on my face and lower ab... READ MORE

Does Bending During Liposuction Recovery Cause Bad Results?

Hi! I was wondering if bending over for a set period of time can detract from the overall outcome of my liposuction. I don't have hanging skin (im actually really... READ MORE

Stomach Looks Bigger 1 Month Post-op Lipo

Hi! I had liposuction for my abs and neck 1 month ago. I'm actually a really lightweight person (male, 125 lb), so it wasn't a huge procedure, just had some trouble... READ MORE

Does Sleeping on my Side Affect Liposuction Healing?

Hi, sorry for yet another question haha. Does sleeping on one's side affect the outcome or healing of liposuction? I don't wear my garment anymore (its been a month)... READ MORE

Do You Need a Lot of Protein After Liposuction?

HI again! It's been about 2 months since I had lipo for my lower abs and a little from my neck. Like said before, I was never fat, in fact im really lightweight for a male... READ MORE

Can Thermage Tone my Cheeks?

Hi! I'd like to get a toned and defined cheek. I'm really lightweight for a male (only 128 lb) but I have a baby-face haha. I've seen some thermage pics where the... READ MORE

Young and Thin... but Loose Neck!

Hi! I'm a young and thin male. I used to be fat a few yrs ago, and I've lost a good amount of weight since then. My ribs, show so I'm kinda too skinny right now... READ MORE

Do I Still Have Blood-tinged Anesthetic 2 Months Post-op?

It's been 2 1/2 months since I hap lipo for my abs and neck. THey look exactly the same still. My doctor said it's swollen fat, but I kind of have a hard time believing... READ MORE

Recent comments from RandomHAHAHA

Hey! I'm not really sure what my doctor did sincce he put me to sleep during the procedure. He tells me my stomach is still swollen, but I'm not sure as every other doctor I asked said my stomach seems back to normal. READ COMMENT

I'm looking to get smart lipo for my jowls too. READ COMMENT