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Why Aren't There Any Good Treatments for Swelling?

With all the amazing, seemingly impossible things plastic surgeons can do it amazes me that they seems to have no good treatment for swelling. I had a rhinoplasty two weeks... READ MORE

Fillers to Make my Face More Proportionate to a Swollen Nose After Rhinoplasty?

My nose is swollen from recent rhinoplasty. I'm searching for a procedure that helps distract from my nose till it goes down fully.(I'm 26 with a long, thin face). I'm... READ MORE

Pros/cons of Steroid Injections After Rhinoplasty?

I'd heard doctors sometimes do steroid injections for swelling post rhinoplasty. Why do they not do it regularly? Are there drawbacks or bad side effects to the injections? Are... READ MORE

Best/cheapest Way to Fix my Teeth? (photo)

My top three front teeth on the right side of my mouth are a bit crooked,since my right canine grew in crooked/too much to the left (though there was room for it to grow in... READ MORE

Would I Be a Candidate for Invisalign Express? (photo)

I did not have braces when I was younger because the dentist told my parents that I didn't need them. However I have a bit of crowding/unevenness thats starting to bother me. I... READ MORE

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You look freaking beautiful. Your surgeon is an artist. I'd love cheek implants but unfortunately I doubt I can afford it. READ COMMENT