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Latisse or Rogaine?

I am born with sparse eyebrows all my life because of genetics. I think I would look way better if I had thicker, darker, and fuller eyebrow hairs. I heard that both rogaine... READ MORE

How Should I Put Latisse on my Eyebrows?

The latisse I'm buying comes with 60 applicators. I am only going to use it on my should I put it on my eyebrows? Should I use the applicators to put it on my... READ MORE

Thinking About Getting a Eyebrow Transplantation Surgery..would It Look Natural As Normal Eyebrows?

I am thinking about getting an eyebrow transplantation surgery. The doctor would take the hair follicle on the side or back of my head and transplant it into the eyebrow region... READ MORE

Eyebrow Transplantation - What Happens when Transplanted Follicles Turn Gray?

For eyebrow transplantation, I know that the doctor would choose the darkest hair follicles, but wouldn't those transplanted hair follicles turn gray eventually? Another... READ MORE

After getting eyebrow transplants, is it safe to use henna and indigo permanent dyes on the transplanted hair?

I heard henna and indigo dyes are permanent all natural dyes. I was wondering if it is safe to use it to dye my existing eyebrow hairs and the transplanted hair follicles that... READ MORE