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Amazing Experience - Tijuana, MX

This is my 3rd trip to Mexico for surgery. I had a breast lift with implants last week. I had a gastric sleeve 3 years ago, a 360 tummy tuck with lip and little fat put into my bottom 1.5 years ago, then the breast lift with a 450cc implant last week. No issues with the surgery after and look forward to the implants softening in the next few weeks. READ MORE

9 Months Out, No Regrets! - Mexico, MX

I researched for about 1 year after my lapband failed and had grown into my intestines, I had the removal on Canada, but the wait to get the sleeve was too long, so I decided to go to Mexico. Dr Garcia was awesome and it was a seamless experience. Between the two surgeries I had lost 105lb. The pros is you will loose weight, the cons is you have to work at it. My motivation was my health.... READ MORE

Dr Cardenas 22 I come

Hello, I have booked to go to Mexico on 22nd April, 2013. I was there last May 2012 for a VSG, I loved it so much that I decided to go back for a tummy tuck and some lipo. if anyone is interested in sharing stories or space (staying at Club Med) please get in touch with me via here. I have lost 105lb and am pretty saggy, my goal is to not have to keep pulling my top down to hide my belly... READ MORE

Questions from Glendaaus

I Would Love to Be Able to Stay in Canada to Have my Tummy Tuck and Some Lipo, but my Budget is $6k?

Do any of the doctors here do these two procedures for that cost or could allow me terms to pay off any extra cost? Otherwise I am mexico bound. I have lost 105lb and am so... READ MORE

Second Opinion. Surgeon Said to Apply Neosporin Twice a Day? (photo)

Thanks for viewing. I am a little over 3 weeks out from my tummy tuck. My surgeon has said I need to apply neosporin (which is on it in the photo) twice a day and it will heal... READ MORE

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I used another surgeon for my tummy tuck. You will be in good hands. READ COMMENT

Hey thanks! I feel excellent and like a new woman! READ COMMENT

That always matters to me...customer service. Marvin and Suzanna and their staff are great. I was there 14 days and they were like family to me. They saw the best and worst of me. Don't be disillusioned by thinking the recovery is... READ COMMENT

I just got back from club med yesterday. Every single one of dr campos' patients had problems with Angie and one had a too tight garment applied and now has necrosis. Good move going with Pantoja, his patient had great results and... READ COMMENT

Just go for it.....I will post incisions but I know they are low down, the experience has been great! READ COMMENT