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Residual Dorsal Hump

First of all, I am sorry that my story cannot be as inspiring as others here on RealSelf. However, I am obligated to be brutally honest with you wanderers of the Internet. I will tell the whole truth, both the good and the extraordinarily bad. (In advance, prepare for a melodramatic rambling) Where to begin? Adolescence. Like so many other girls on this site, my nose "blossomed" in... READ MORE

Questions from GroundHogDay

Should I Get a Revision Rhinoplasty or Opt for a Non-surgical Method? (photo)

I recently had an open rhinoplasty (about 4 weeks ago) to remove my dorsal hump. However, the surgery has proven so far to be ineffective. Because a great deal of the swelling... READ MORE

I had a rhinoplasty to remove a dorsal hump, do I possibly saddle deformity? (photo)

Hi all! I had a rhinoplasty to remove a dorsal hump a little over a year ago. I am assuming that by now the swelling has gone away. Unfortunately my nose still looks "deformed"... READ MORE

How to approach treating a severe mid-vault collapse?

Hi there! I have been "diagnosed" with a relatively severe mid-vault collapse. The specialists in facial reconstruction I have consulted with have proposed two different... READ MORE

Is this residual swelling or a slight hump? If it's a hump, can a non-surgical approach be used to mitigate it? (Photo)

Hi all! I recently underwent a second rhinoplasty about 3 months ago and as you can see, the improvement is quite dramatic! My only concern is the minor hump that has formed... READ MORE

Poorly defined nose after two surgeries. Is it worth going under again? (photo)

Hi all! I have undergone two rhinoplasties so far (one that over-resected my nose to the point I had an extreme mid-vault collapse and the other to reconstruct it). In your... READ MORE

Elongate Nose and Decrease Nostril Show with Filler? (photos)

Hi, I've had 4 nasal surgeries before. However, I still have a overly shortened nose that yields a distracting degree of nostril show. Can hyaluronic acid be injected in the... READ MORE

Lengthen Nose: Open or Closed? (Photos)

Hi, I am trying to lengthened my nose by a minor amount. Considering the minor degree of augmentation needed, which approach is best: open or closed? Photos are included to see... READ MORE

Recent comments from GroundHogDay

Thanks for your post and taking the time to upload some photos! You look great :) READ COMMENT

Thank you for your photos! I would definitely not consider you deformed, but I can clearly see why you want to pursue revision rhinoplasty. You've listed excellent surgeons (those are nearly the identical surgeons I've considered for a... READ COMMENT

How have things been since your surgery? (Do you still like your result?) READ COMMENT

Hi, is there anyway that you can post before and after photos so that the deformity you got can be better understood? READ COMMENT

Hi maribor, sorry you had to deal with a bad rhinoplasty. The issues you listed seem pretty severe. Were you able to find a good revision doctor that could help you out? READ COMMENT