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All the MD's and the TV ads and magazine ads make it sound so simple! My gosh, can't these MD's be held accountable for all of the "botched" jobs that they do!? I feel so badly for you! Good luck! READ COMMENT

She meant for the surgery to repair the damage done by LSL!! And they do not tell you everything that goes on, like complete black and blue swelling, not being able to sleep unless sitting up for at least 8 weeks now. Missing work, the... READ COMMENT

Same experience! I was black and blue all the way down my chest! The fact that they you heal in 3 to 5 days is cause for a law suit! I am about to loose my job! Who can be out that long...constant pain-24/7. Still have to sleep sitting... READ COMMENT

I too had the surgery and have been in bed 90% of the time because of the pain! It has been 6 weeks and they said I would heal in 3 to 5 days! That company should be closed down! They do not care about you after you have th e surgery... READ COMMENT