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Second Hair Transplant with Dr. Gabel - Great Doc! - Hillsboro, OR

My hair was basically almost gone on top (very thin), and I am NOT a good-looking bald man; just don't have the skull structure or jawline for it. We can't all be Jason Statham. Meds weren't doing much and I'd really waited too long to start them anyway. I didn't want to start Rogaine because it... READ MORE

My Ears Stuck out a Bit - Honolulu, HI

My ears weren't HUGE, per se, they just stuck out a bit too much in such a way that they exacerbated my narrow face. This was a small first step in a multi-tiered process I'm working on in which the next step is jawline and chin enhancement (partially for shape, largely for symmetry), and it... READ MORE

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Hey congratulations! I've seen a lot of Dr. Diep's work and he definitely seems to be the man to see for black hair transplants. I've heard about and seen his work on several forums and web sites, and I'm betting you're gonna be a very... READ COMMENT

Seconded! Everyone is curious Shannyn! About your outcome, and about Dr. Mabrie's work! READ COMMENT

Hi! I'm a 31 y/o military male, looking for basically the same thing - I'm slim and fit and run outstanding military fitness tests every time, but once I hit 30 y/o, the stupid belly-fat wouldn't budge. I still have my abs and keep them... READ COMMENT

Not to keep the transplanted hair, since it is not vulnerable to DHT poisoning, but in order to help maintain my remaining natural hair I do take Finasteride (Propecia). READ COMMENT

I agree - don't get all bent out of shape over a tiny little scar that no one is ever going to notice! For one thing it will fade a little more in the next year or so, and also the good that came out of this procedure so vastly... READ COMMENT