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Dr. Alvarez and Staff are amazing

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Sleeve Gastrectomy

8 Feb 2017, Created 7 months ago

Guillermo Alvarez, MD

5 out of 5 stars

I didn't tell anyone that I was going to Mexico for surgery. I knew the reaction I would get. But that reaction is not justified when it Comes to Dr. Alvarez and his staff. From the moment you land in San Antonio, you are treated with respect from professionals, until you return to San Antonio for your flight home. Everyone on the staff was amazing. The price is great. It reminds you how... READ MORE

30+ Year Old Implants Removed but Happy -Memphis, TN

Back in the early 80's I just had to have implants. Seemed like everyone did. I was 25 and a skinny, slim young woman with AA breasts. My husband was fine with them but I was tired of being out of balance. Dresses, bathing suits did not fit right. I went through Military Boot Camp training in 1975 and while standing in the "dress" uniform, a drill sergeant pressed on my chest and asked me why... READ MORE

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Driving After Breast Explant?

I'm trying to make plans for aftercare following my upcoming breast explant surgery. I live alone and don't want to burden too many folks with this. Can anyone give me an idea,... READ MORE

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Breast Explant Post Surgery Bra?

Looking for recommendations for bra brands or types for post surgery. I don't know if I will be going home wearing a post-op bra of any type or just bandages. (I've sent a... READ MORE

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You look great and I bet you are feeling much better! Glad you had the inner strength to admit that the implants were a bad idea. I didn't - and I hated them from nearly the get go for 30 years. But to afraid to admit that I had made a... READ COMMENT

Congratulations - looking great! Definitely worth it! I can't keep my hands off my "naturals" - they feel so soft!. You look awesome. Glad you didn't wait until you were 50+. READ COMMENT

It is really a tough call. If you can, talk it over with your doctor. My doctor said he didn't know. I measure my width and then deducted one letter size. For example, I was wearing 42C - so I went with 42 B cup. My first bra was too... READ COMMENT

I've got to check that out - the infrared sauna. I had no compression other than my sports bras. I wore them for 4 weeks. But I also had drains for nearly two weeks. Isn't it amazing how different the docs are? READ COMMENT

Understand the pain and discomfort, it will take time. But you are FREE - free of the implants, free of the worry! Now take your time and heal and then enjoy the new YOU! Rest up my friend. READ COMMENT