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Juvederm Made my Dark Circles More Noticeable

I had a positive experience through the procedure. No or little pain, very gentle touch. I had this procedure done because my cheeks have that sunken look. I wanted them to look a little fuller again.About an hour or two after the procedure I noticed that I looked more tired around my eyes and that my dark circles seemed more pronounced. I thought it was due to the experience and that I would... READ MORE

Questions from tmone

Is Botox Safe While on Cartia XT Medication?

Can I do Botox if I take Cartia XT (120mg- 1x a day)? I have called my cardiologist but they have not gotten back to me. That was more than a week ago. Thanks. READ MORE

How to Fix Dark Circles Under the Eyes After Juvederm?

Will the dark circles under my eyes get any better? Is this common? I am contemplating them taking some or all of it out. READ MORE

What can I do to get relief from side effects of Vitrase?

I just had my second injection of Vitrase yesterday and my eyes and head feel and look horrible. Soon after the injection I felt pressure in my head and developed a headache.... READ MORE

I had bone graft surgery for a dental implant in April. Wondering if I could be having a reaction to the titanium in the screw?

I have not felt the same since my surgery in April. At first I thought it was because of the antibiotics but as time went on I feel there is something else going on. I have... READ MORE

This is a follow up to my first question

My bone graft surgery was done on my upper left tooth right next to my big tooth. The bone was taken from my lower left jaw. READ MORE

Is it safe to have Sculptra when I have adrenal fatigue and going through menopause?

I had Sculptra a few years back with great results but since I have developed adrenal exhaustion and intense menopausal symptoms. I feel as though I have aged 10 years since I... READ MORE

Can anything help continued numbness in lower jaw after home graft surgery? Left side of face seems droopier too.

My bone graft was taken from my lower left jaw and placed in my upper left gums for a dental implant. The numbness I feel is really bothering me and my whole left side feels... READ MORE

I have autoimmune components and Sculptra doesn't seem to be taking. What other options are there to restore volume in the face?

I have been diagnosed with Multiple Systemic Infectious Disease which has aged me beyond my 51 years. I am looking for something to bring back volume in my face. I cannot do... READ MORE

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Ladydc, I just read your post and it sounds just like me! How are you doing now? I had botox injected in June on my forehead. I went to bed that night and woke up with severe vertigo.....went to the ER as I had no idea what was... READ COMMENT

Letsthink I couldn't agree more! Every doctor I have talked to for advice has said it just takes time. That's the most reassuring and what a huge lesson I've learned! READ COMMENT

Letsthink....sorry it sent out before I was finished. Anyways just wanted to send best wishes to you too and keep me posted on your progress because it's so nice to hear something encouraging!. READ COMMENT

So glad to hear that your situation has almost resolved itself! I too have to be very careful about my salt intake. It never phased me before but now when I have too much it goes right to my eyes....regardless of how much water I drink... READ COMMENT

Just wondering if you are still dealing with the water retention under your eyes? I had Voluma in October and two injections of hyaluronidase, last one in mid January. I not only have the water retention but also have dark circles... READ COMMENT