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Hes just gonna inject the forehead and head/scalp. He tells me that injecting in just those areas is enough for some people to still get relief from headaches. This will be my last try with botox though unless it works well READ COMMENT

I didnt have the droopy eyelids but did have a crooked right eyebrow which relaxed over time. The neck and shoulder pain is still there and my injections were on 11/28! Im scheduled to have the next round of shots on 3/5 but my doctor... READ COMMENT

I hear ya Connie. I experienced (and to some degree am still experiencing) the same thing. I just hope I dont have any permanent residuals of the neck and shoulder pain. Good luck to you as well! READ COMMENT

Me too! It's over two months for me :( READ COMMENT

That's interesting and makes sense but I've been working out for years and always vary my workouts so I'm not sure that would apply in my case. I guess I'll know after my next round of injections on march 5th since he's not going to... READ COMMENT