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Does Sculptra Last for a Shorter Period of Time for People with a High Metabolism?

I am 51 and struggle to keep my weight up. I have had a high metabolism all my life. Will Sculptra results wear off more quickly for me? READ MORE

Can Sculptra Results Show After Only 5 Days?

I had 1 vial of Sculptra done 5 days ago. I know the swelling is to last for days but, though my face was swollen right after, it was back to my pre-treatment face two hours... READ MORE

Will the Number Of Injecitions Affect Length of Results With Sculptra?

I am 50 but am told I look about late 30's. I have very good skin and no wrinkles, just some hollowness due to low body fat that has caused minor sagging. I just had 1 vial of... READ MORE

Longevity of Results Affected by Number of Sculptra Injections?

I am getting my second Sculptra injection next week. I have only minimal hollowness and don't want much change. I've read some doctors who say that it takes 3 injections to... READ MORE

Should I Get More Sculptra Injections?

I am 50 but most people guess me to be in my 30's. The RN who gave me Sculptra said that 3 injections would give me my desired result. I wanted lift in my cheeks and a little... READ MORE

How Should I Maintain Sculptra Results?

Upon achieving my desired results at 3 vials of Sculptra, one vial per treatment, what would I need to maintain that effect somewhat, allowing of course, for some aging? How... READ MORE