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It's good to know there are cases where the effects clear up. I certainly hope they clear up in mine. But the doctor would still be at fault, even if I'd had no side effects at all, because Dysport's use is contra-indicated in the... READ COMMENT

I hit the wrong button - what else is new - wasn't finished or yet sure about sending. Better be more careful next time. READ COMMENT

Ear pressure strong AGAIN with right ear screaming and a small patch of hive-like itchy bumps has developed on the RIGHT side of base of neck- 6 months after Dysport injection. (First patch cropped up on LEFT side of base of neck 2... READ COMMENT

Many, many thanks for your replies and suggestions. I'm so grateful for them. My ears are inexplicably slightly better today, but I no longer feel I can be sure of anything. I have a couple of questions: 1) Has anyone anywhere compiled... READ COMMENT

The ear pressure has actually gotten worse. The left ear has also had long episodes of pulsing whooshes the past several days and nights and it's maddening. The relentless ear pressure interferes with functioning - even with thinking.... READ COMMENT