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How Do I Get Rid of These Scar Tissue Bumps on my Scar? (photo)

Hello. I have had a scar from my nose going up to my lip for my whole life. I never had scar tissue build up under it until recently I noticed these bumps 8 months ago and I... READ MORE

Dented Nostril from Pressing Too Hard, Is Damage Permanent? (photo)

Hi. I had my rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago and the day I got my cast off I pressed on my nostril to see what it would look like when the swelling would go down . The day after I did... READ MORE

Did I Ruin my Nose Contour After my Rhinoplasty?

Hi.i had a rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago and the day i got my cast off i continously squeezed on the side of my nostril which left a flat indent. i thought i could fix it by putting... READ MORE

Can Someone Explain What Happens when Nose Shape is Indented from Squeezing Nose?

My surgeon did an excellent job with my rhinoplasty and I feel like I ruined my final results by always squeezing my nose their is an indented finger print on the side of my... READ MORE

Alar Crease After Rhinoplasty?

2 weeks after rhinoplasty I pushed down on the alar crease several times which left a flat indent. Did I ruin final results of rhinoplasty or will the soft tissues repair... READ MORE

Is It Possible That Columellar Strut Can Be Stretched After Rhinoplasty from Laughing?

I'm one month post op and yesterday I was smiling really wide to where i could feel my skin stretching. After I looked in the mirror I noticed the skin stretched where the... READ MORE

Horrible Anxiety About Ruining Result After Septoplasty! Can't Get a Hold of my Surgeon and Worried? (photo)

Hi I had a open septoplasty one month ago to fix a minor cleft palate. Ever since I got my cast off I can not leave my nose alone! First I left a flat indent from pressing too... READ MORE