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On Second Treatment of Laser Tattoo Removal and Im Starting to Notice Areas on the Black Ink Starting to Turn Brown?

On second treatment of laser tattoo removal and Im starting to notice areas on the black ink starting to turn brown, is this normal? READ MORE

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I did the R20 treatment myself. Tattoo is fairly big going from my wrist to elbow. Black, Red, and yellow.... Tattoo is Dawn of the Dead. Favorite movie. But anyways like yourself I did not see much of a difference after doing the r20... READ COMMENT

Do you notice any of your black ink turning brown? Or having a foggy blue color? READ COMMENT

I had the treatment were they use the laser wait 20 minutes use the laser again and so on 4 times. I blistered pretty bad but the doctor said it was ok and something they seen more of on the older laser. I was just wondering cause part... READ COMMENT

Have you noticed any of the black part of the tattoo turn brown in areas? READ COMMENT

Yeah I was just worried cause of the massive blisters I had and the doctor opened them up and gave me an antibiotic. I never got sick and they didn't hurt just more uncomfortable. Didn't know if the brown was from that or fading. Its in... READ COMMENT