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Compatibility Juvederm/Restylane?

I had Juvederm Ultra 4 in my naseolabeal wrinkles 3 weeks ago , 1ml dosis, which has improved my wrinkles but not enough. In the place i live now i can not find this hyaluronic... READ MORE

Superficial Level Soft ® Suture Threads with Polylactic Acid Cones?

I would like to know if superficial level Soft ® Suture "threads with polylactic acid cones is an effective solution for a naseolabeal wrinkles correction when it is not too ... READ MORE

Facelift Scars?

I would like to know why in a surgical Facelift the women get the scar behind the ear and the men just before the ear?? A doctor told me that if the pull back the MEN skin form... READ MORE

Sarcoidosi and Facelift in Men?

Patients with Sarcoidosis (therefore has a bigger change of keloids) could have a facelift or not? would you recommend it? how can men avoid the scar to be LESS visible in case... READ MORE

Do I need I mini facelift? (photo)

Iam 41 , i lost 10kgs. my nasolabeal wrinkles are big and also the ones between my eyebrows. I went to a doc and said i dont need a mini facelift bc my problema is my skin... READ MORE

What should I do to reduce my nasolabial folds? I don't wanna use fillers since it last only 4 months. (photos)

Iam 41 years old man. Surgeons tell me to wait till 50 to make a face lift because the results would not last long if done now. Pleaee check my pics. So since I dont want... READ MORE