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No offense OK haven't tried this doctor "yet" but I would like to put out there that not all Dr.s who are certified surgeons really do a good job. Sometimes those who aren't certified do a much better job than those who are...like... READ COMMENT

Question? If u were to tell him if he could give u a nice silohett shape curvy body, will he give it you. I ask because it could be of what he has in mind, or does also share with you how he will make you look. READ COMMENT

Oh noooo!!, not Dr Cabral...the dude was all over the news for misfiguring women and practically burning them to death...he was like live flesh killer....a Dr. Like Cabral is a hell no..lol READ COMMENT

Well just the person that may answer my questions..lol....I wouldn't be interested in pics. I would merely be interested in you telling me about how well he can really perform, I'm in the process of making my payments b 4 surgery and I... READ COMMENT

Your body is nice and tight...I'm in the process of making payments before my surgery this year and I am a bit nervous about the whole thing....he sounds to good to be true..I've even seen his YouTube videos..I wish I could see video... READ COMMENT