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I'm 16 yrs old and I have an overjet. Would you recommend Braces or Invisalign? (photo)

Hi:) I'm 16 and I always thought I had an overbite, but I just found out what an overjet is recently. (I got it because I was a thumb sucker as a child). I think it's my two... READ MORE

Do I Have Hemophobia? How Do I Handle It?

I went to a blood drive at school & the sight of blood pouches made me feel anxious. When I get my period, I feel extremely nauseous & the sight of the blood on the pad... READ MORE

Is it possible to correct my overjet with braces or Invisalign? And how long might it take? How severe is it? (Photo)

Since I was little I would bite my nails, and I ended up having an overjet. My family's insurance has never covered braces so I learned to live with my overjet. But now I'm... READ MORE