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I think I have lost all faith in Korean doctors who practise outside of Korea. Maybe that is a huge generalisation but I have read far too many negative reviews to think otherwise. Kenneth Kim was actually one of the doctors I had on my... READ COMMENT

Don't worry, the scars will fade after a few months. I would be more concerned with how shallow your crease is. I think your surgeon has removed too much fat from your left eye that's why there are two folds. If you go for another... READ COMMENT

From your photo it looks like he only did partial-incisional eyelid surgery. I think the price the surgeon quoted for full incisional double eyelid surgery is excessive. The procedure only costs $2700 - $7500 in the U.S. READ COMMENT

Dr. Charles Lee definitely achieves very natural results! I love your eyes now, they look very awake. Your nose also looks very good. How much did both these procedures cost? READ COMMENT