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7 months post removal and very happy!

I have a breast implant review on here sharing my experience with getting these implants and my feelings about myself prior to BA. NOW, on the other side, I see my mind was in a very sad place. I didn't truly accept myself, I didn't believe my husband when he told me I was beautiful how I was. He was actually against the BA but because I begged and begged for 2 years straight he agreed. In... READ MORE

Changed my mind

I have always been in the " itty bitty titty committee" and been heartbroken about it. My Mother and Sisters have these big overflowing breast and they would tell me how they think I'm great the way I was (that's what they had to say LOL). Anyway, since probably middle school though, when girls start developing, and I never did, I experienced my first taste of real insecurity. Lids can be so... READ MORE

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I am in need of a surgeon in Central Florida/Orlando to remove my implants after 6 weeks post op.

I am only 6 weeks post op but VERY certain these saline implants are not for me. I am not able to afford over 1,000 as the first surgery put my family in financial set back... READ MORE

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After healing from the removal my breasts, after the swelling, I realized I had a hematoma and that was why my breasts appeared larger. I had it removed and since then they have shrunk and I am not satisfied with the even worse... READ COMMENT


I understand completely that's the dumb enemy's job to try and sell us on lies every time. I'm glad you can recognize it quickly and defend and defeat the truth. Your experience makes you a powerful living breathing tangible testimony... READ COMMENT

Um you are stunning! Your story is very real and very much appreciated. You're a winner!!!!!!! I personally thank the Lord for women like you who shares their stories much like mine about removing implants after a short time. I feel so... READ COMMENT

No prob. I was insecure about myself until I realized those things I put into my body still didn't make me have breasts, they weren't real, they were man made money bags playing on women's insecurities. As soon as I woke up from the... READ COMMENT