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Chicken Pox Scars African American

As a child I had a severe case of chicken pox and it left two pox marks on my face I've always hated. After trying bleaching creams, chemical peels, fraxel lasers and not seeing any results; I saw a plastic surgeon to explore my results. He recommended excising them and so we did. He numbed the area, and cut each mark out. He then stitched the areas closed and had me come back in 3 days. He... READ MORE

23yo Black Male BOTOX for Forehead

Started to notice lines on my forehead and decided to get Botox. Great decision, no more lines. Results lasted for about 6 months and I've since had another application. No ill effects either time. Before pics were taken minutes before first treatment. After pics are a month later. Note: in the after pic I am indeed raising my eyebrows. Would recommend to anyone considering. READ MORE

Chicken Pox Scars, 23, Black Male

At my dermatologists recommendation, I tried the Fraxel laser to help with chicken pox scarring. No noticeable results at all. Did two sessions at about $75 each before I quit wasting my money. Pics are about 2 weeks after treatment. I ended up having the pox marks excised by a plastic surgeon. Look at my profile to find the before/after on that. READ MORE