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Was Wanting Implants but Now Decided on Fat Transfer - Grand Rapids, MI

I'm considering natural breast augmentation way more now than implants, actually Im not even wanting implants anymore cuz I'm concerned for the complications and I dnt like the idea of having to replace them every 10 or less years and the money for doing that every time. I like how the implants look better than the natural augmentation, but I think I'd be happier and satisfied with the natural... READ MORE

Can I even get silicone? I'm 19 years old. New Troy, MI

Im completely new on this site and i havent made plans yet to get the surgery. I plan on gettin it after taxes. Iv always wanted fuller breasts, Iv been thinking about the surgery since i was 16, Im 19 now, and has had one baby. Im glad i found this site cuz iv learned many things from reading off it. Im mostly scared of gettin sick from them, I am lil worried about my hair with the situation... READ MORE

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I'm sooo excited for you, and I wish the best for you! Good luck!!!! :) READ COMMENT

No I haven't because I'm still doing research on things, and I'm also considering fat transfer for breast augmentation, but haven't looked into that a lot yet. But yea i have really jus started tryin to get set up on trying to get implants. READ COMMENT

Oic, do u kno if there's any other additional fees before or after the surgery? And when they need to be renewed, will it be the same cost? READ COMMENT

~hey! I'm excited that your doctor is dr. Youn because that is the doctor I have chosen. I have called them for some info but havent made an appointment yet. In wanting to get the silicone gel, it's gonna be 6500 right? But I'm wanting... READ COMMENT