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Get Ready for the "Burn" and "Peeling" - Katy, TX

I purchased the Jessner through my facialist. She gave me a "hook up". She explained how to use it. I was good to go. I had a photoshoot with a friend due in a few weeks and thought this would be great to do beforehand. WRONG. I had MAJOR peeling. It stings like the dickens. I had so much heavy peeling. it works. My skin looked great. I applied Aquaphor daily to keep myself from ripping... READ MORE

Drying and Expensive - Katy, TX

To improve my tone and texture I was given tons of sample of Retin-A (purple tube). I have sensitive skin, but could tolerate it 2x daily. I thought: this is going to be GREAT. WRONG. Living in southeast Texas, our weather is pretty humid. I was drying out around my nose and mouth (I usually have blemishes here). I looked like a 4 year old who forgot to wipe the milk mustache off and dipped my... READ MORE

After Treatment I Was Still Hairy... Down There! - Katy, TX

One of my friends had it done on her fine, dark facial hair and never regretted doing it. Another did her bikini line and told me not to shave before the appointment. WRONG. I got to their office. I was told to go home and shave, and book another appt or I could shave with their cheap-o razor. I have very coarse hair. If I shave tonight, by tomorrow night I have stubble. I went ahead and... READ MORE

It Works! Longer, Darker Fuller Lashes - but Didn't Help with "Curling" - Katy, TX

Used this product many times. It worked wonderfully for darker, longer and fuller lashes but, there was only one issue for me: It has no "curling" affect. Since my lashes are not naturally curled upright and straight, this is how they grew. Sure, I could use a curler, but, they do not stay due to my heavy eyelids. I used it for a very long time, as I was somewhat happy with it. I ended up... READ MORE

I'll Be Back..but the Lines Won't! - Katy, TX

I had a sever line on the right side that ate make-up. Tired of dealing, I went to my PS office to talk about options. I got 30 units free from Allergen with the purchase of my breast implants, so I gave it a whirl. It took me 3 days and the line was GONE. The injection nurse used 20 total, but was cautious about putting so much in the forehead: it can lead to eye-droop. I don't feel that my... READ MORE

Love my Lap-Band - Houston, TX

I was 22, and had tried all RX diets..pills and shady weight-loss clinics..the gym only took 30 lbs and I busted butt. It came back, with a vengeance. I went to a weight loss seminar in 2003 and signed up for a consultation. The Band was not to long out of FDA trials, and I didn't want to do a surgery (by-pass) so young. My doctor told me, I'd only loose 50 of my 385. I thought "thats 50 more... READ MORE

Loved It Enough to Get It Done...twice! - Spring, TX

The first time I got my upper liner done..I was IN LOVE. I went back 3 weeks later to have my lower lash line done. I learned alot from the person who did mine: In Texas, there are only classes offered in the Dallas area, where you can get a certificate showing you completed the course: NOT a certification. Nail salons in the Houston area sometimes offer the perm make up, just be cautious of... READ MORE

Couldn't Be Happier! - Katy, TX

I had lost alot of weight. I was a DDD before and was left with sagging breasts and excess "back boob". I found my surgeon and agreed that a silicone high profile implant of 900 ccs was ideal for me and my body size. They have gotten rid of the back bulge and put me a full cup over DDD, making it somewhat difficult to find bras, however, my size suits me and evens me out. The recovery was... READ MORE

Tuck with Lipo Very Worth It! - Katy, TX

Had a tummy tuck with no muscle repair and no lip. Drooping happened within a year. Do not have a tummy tuck without muscle repair or lipo. I was told muscle repair was not needed. Revised tuck with lipo and 3 months out, everything is GREAT. Do opt for lipo, its very worth it. Clothes fit way better and I'm super flat. READ MORE

Questions from mgidney80

Tummy Tuck and Laparoscopic Surgery for Hysterectomy? (photo)

My tubes are tied, and my doctor and I decided that a partial hysterectomy is ideal due to treat a uterine fibroid. I had a revised tummy tuck in October of 2010 with a high... READ MORE

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A GOOD two months with Lipo for me. My sides were super tender, but my back from being hunched hurt longer. I'm almost 4 mos post op and still wear my compression if I'm wearing heels or on concrete. Just makes me feel better and I feel... READ COMMENT

Well after going through what I did, paying out what I did to be told I'd be better off waxing, it wasn't worth it to me. They told me to shave. I did. Right in the office. Took a friend 4k to work for her: we have close to the same... READ COMMENT

Yes the scar was worse the second time. It had to be wider due to some indentions left over from the first time around. It was also very dark. I did not want to go back to the first surgeon, because I feel he butchered me more than... READ COMMENT

I'm at my "done" weight. I've been here for 5 years. Just had my abdominalplasty and breast augmentation may and October! READ COMMENT

It comes to a head within an hour. I can make an extraction easier. After doing so, I too am red for 3 days or so. For one beneath the skin, Jessner doesn't bring them up but rather dries them up. Bit three is peeling no matter the use.... READ COMMENT