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I Want a Breast Augmentation but I Am Due to Deploy Within the Next 4 Months. Is It Safe?

I do office work but I do run into the occasion vigorous activity. Is it safe? Or do I have to wait? I am a very quick healer and have high pain tolerance if that makes a... READ MORE

Does my Stomach Require Surgery? (photo)

I have had two babies, both fairly large and has left me with both plenty of loose skin and stretch marks. What would be recommended to fix the loose skin on my belly? Would a... READ MORE

Can I Go As Big As I Did While I Was Nursing? (photo)

While nursing, I was a large D. I loved the way they made me feel. Now that I am no longer breast feeding (stoped a year ago) my breasts have shrunk even more than they were.... READ MORE

Do I Have a Hematoma 2 Weeks Post Op? (photo)

I ran into a wall, went to my PS to have stitches removed, she said it looks like I may have given myself a hematoma, Ive been on light duty and on anti-biotics, plus i slinged... READ MORE